Monday, 23 December 2019

Crafty Christmas Charity Shop Finds

With not much crafting going on at The Towers at the moment,  I thought I would show you the contents of a couple of goodie bags I got from the Sue Ryder shop in Evesham, all ready for next years crafting!   I have been on the look out for old, retro, kitsch type Christmas bits and pieces, but they are either few and far between or extortionately expensive.
Sometimes looking through a sealed bag you can't be entirely sure what you are actually getting, but I have to say I was really chuffed with these three Santa's and two snowmen. I am already thinking diorama's, perhaps in globes or small bottles to hang on a tree.
..... a bit like the one below from Hema
The bag cost me £2.50 for the five quite substantial embellishments, working out at 50p each which is a no brainer really.
The second bag of goodies at £1.50 and was (without any real ideas in my head) not such a good buy. It was the robins I spotted first, again thinking dioramas, however, everything else is a bit kitsch and I am sure I can work them all into some sort of retro type project, when I have a Ulrika type moment!
This tiny plastic box also caught my fancy at just 25p from St Richard's Hospice shop also in Evesham.  
Again it is quite solid, with potential and in perfect condition on the outside  ...... it's just shouting out to have a tiny scene put in it .......
..... I have some tiny snowmen somewhere that might just fit the bill  ...... with Christmas upon us followed by the New Year, it's quite a nice feeling to think that I've got a few ideas to start a new crafty year with, when sometimes you can just feel past it and not in the mood!