Friday, 1 November 2019

My Halloween Tree

It's erm ...... beginning to look a lot like Halloween at The Towers.
I decided a while ago to decorate a Halloween Tree this year just to see the awe and wonder on Iris and Bertie's little faces when they come into the lounge and to hopefully help make some wonderful memories ...... plus, I don't really need any excuse to get the Christmas tree out early!
I decorated the tree with skull, pumpkin and Frankenstein pots from One Below (Wolverhampton) - £1 for a pack of 6.  I have used these pots so many times over the years as Halloween favours, filling them with chocolates etc. but never as tree decorations.
I then added a couple of nets of plastic/rubber bats (12 for £1, also from Poundstetcher). I put a screw eye hook in each of their backs and then threaded them ready to hang.

To add just a little more colour I then added four blue, beaded Christmas garlands that I got ages ago in the January sales, originally bought as they should go with my Christmas baubles, so they will definitely stay around long after the Halloween mayhem is over!