Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chocolate Ladybird Boxes for Easter

Chocolate Ladybird Easter Box
This is what I have been stockpiling Tesco Valentine Love Bugs for, I knew I wouldn’t see them again till next year, or if I did, they would be double the price. But after checking carefully I saw that they have a "use by date" of December 2012 so I knew I could use them for Easter and a bit beyond if I had any other suitable ideas, plus I also checked that you get far more laybirds in a net for your money than you do Easter eggs!Easter Ladybird Box  chocolate ladybirds
I’ve cover two tiny domino boxes measuring 12cm x 4cm x 2.5cm deep with assorted pastel gingham paper strips from Handy Hippo.
Self Adhesive Borders
And then added some gorgeous flowery adhesive borders which were part of a present from a new found friend Dianne in Florida. They come from Michaels, a shop I have read so much about. especially their crafty stuff. and where I dream one day of going to partake in some retail therapy.
Easter Chocolate Ladybird Box
I am thrilled with the way the boxes have turned out, but now I am not so sure if I can let them go!