Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Fiddle Fart Painting For My “New Sister” The Equally Lovely Denise

Back in October  I started a new painting after e-mailing the Equally Lovely Denise to see if she would like to do a crafty swop, as I had a hankering for six crocheted cushion covers for my Wolverhampton lounging, but as I can’t crochet for toffee I was a stymied. Fortunately Denise said yes ….. and we had a win win situation! FBMy start back in October boded well, the canvas which measures approx. 48ins x 36ins was almost half way done, and then I just got very busy with other things, and the promising progress drew to a grinding halt, aghhhh!!!!!
Flower painting with birdsBut, all last week I kept telling myself that I WOULD finish it this weekend, as there was no way I wanted to be painting it on Christmas Eve, which is what I  was in danger of doing.
flower painting with bird.But as there are things going on in my craft room, like an open loft hatch, I had to work in my dining room on the table, not my angle of choice, as I far prefer to work up against a wall ….if you pardon the expression!!!!
flower painting. acrylic paint. vibrant flower paintingAll the time I was working I was not at all sure how it was going to turn out.  I wanted the flowers to be brighter and less detailed than my last two efforts , and I wasn’t too sure about the birds.
almost finishedOnce most of the space was filled in, I got out a thick, black marker pen to add the detail and fill in the fiddly gaps ….. it was only then I relaxed and thought, it’s going to look ok!
detail. flower and bird paintingI did however find it very hard to know when to stop adding a squiggle or a line here and there and just walk away, and say that’s it, it’s done.
painted birdI tried to do it a couple of times and then couldn’t resist going back with a white Posca pen to add a few more fiddles and diddles!
painting finally doneI just hope the aforementioned Equally Lovely Denise thinks it’s a fair swop!
It may be a while before I dabble again, I think I paint like a crafter, not an artist. I don’t find it as relaxing as I think I should, mind you the size can’t help!!!   However I don’t think I will say never ever again!!! 
I got my inspiration was from an artist called Heather Galler, I just love all of here stuff, especially the houses and the dogs, and I am not really a doggy person