Sunday, 12 January 2014

Wax Seal Gift Wrap

Following on from my experiments with faux wax seals made using my Ranger Melting pot …….. I just wanted to see how one would look on a parcel …….. this was my first hasty attempt.
Parcel with wax sealI attached the seal, over the knotted string using a glue gun.  The small tag is made with a punch and is written in “my best handwriting”  Perhaps next time I think I should try a lighter coloured string as a contract ……. but overall it don’t look too bad.

The Start Of Another Bejewelled Mirror

I got up, had a shower and then meant to “do” the lounge, but I got waylaid …. by my boudoir bathroom mirror ….. and four hours later I am still in my dressing gown ….. with a mirror about half way done ….. and a messy lounge still screaming to be vacuumed!!!  The mirror sucked me in I am afraid as opposed to me sucking up with the vacuum …. if you pardon the expression!
starting of a bewelled mirrorThis is the stage of a bejewelled mirror that I hate, the stage where it looks like pants and I want to give up!  I started by working in the corners, using the same bits, and then move on the the middle of each side, so that when you look at the mirror initially there is a sort of symmetry to it …. and then when that is done, I just go for it, filling in the gaps, using the plainer embellishments to build up the first layer, and then adding the fancier bits on top of them.
startings of a bejewelled mirrorjewelled mirror
I am really surprised to see how far I managed to get with what only looked like a small pile of leftover bits and pieces, I don’t think I need to go to Primark to look for bits to disassemble after all …… I also remembered these glittered adhesive shapes from Michael’s that my friend Dianne in Florida sent me that are just perfect for the more fiddle farty top layer.
adhesive glitter shapes
When I made my first mirror I was very wary of mixing different materials … I wanted it all to be metal and glass gems ….. but now so long as it is pretty and/or sparkly I know it will look OK.
metal flower embellishmentslarge gem flowers
I don’t however have quite enough stuff  to finish the whole of the mirror, so I have ordered these metal flowers  and acrylic gems from E-bay to complete it hopefully. I will then use small pearl and gold beads to fill in any small gaps in the final stages.
I now need to let what I have done so far to set properly, while waiting for these pieces to arrive …. and perhaps get some cleaning done too!