Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Perk of the Job!

One of the unexpected surprises to my blogging is when out of the blue, I am asked to review something.  It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I get VERY excited!
Iain from contacted me and asked if I would like to have a look at some of his craft books ….. how could I resist?
The first book I chose was Furoshiki by  Kumiko Nakayama-Geraerts (£7.99), something I had never heard of before, but the idea of wrapping gifts and other items with fabric and using a few simple knots sounded so brilliant and different. The ideas are pretty easy.  I particularly liked the ball bag idea, which I’ve had a little play with using an old Liberty hankie, perhaps it needs a little tweaking, but  this could be the answer to my prayers when trying to wrap something awkward.
I like the idea that you could wrap a present in a very unique way, and that the wrapping can also be part of the present, like pashmina. 
I will certainly be looking in the charity shops now for squares of interesting material, retro head scarves, old embroidered table clothes, shawls, etc. When you think that some wrapping paper can cost over £2 a sheet …. it’s a no brainer!
Also, in the book are examples of wrapping a bouquet of flowers, a bottle, a potted flower and a shoulder bag.  This is definitely a book I will be going back to for ideas.
The next book Rediscovered Treasures by Ellen Dyrop and Hanna Kristindottir (£9.99), is very much my thing. As I read it I ohhhed ahhhhed aloud. So many ideas …. so little time, using items that can be found at car boot sales and charity shops etc.  My very, very favourite idea was cupcakes in a cup.
Cupcake in a cup
You simply bake your cupcakes in a paper case, then pop it into a cup when cool, then ice and decorate … cute is that?
Picture 743
I loved this purse idea, made from an old embroidered cloth, something I am always looking for and buying.
Picture 744
And this is such a lovely idea, using a child’s pinafore as a peg holder.  I might attach it to a slightly more decorative hanger, but what a lovely idea to give to Granny for Mother’s Day when clothes are outgrown?
Street Chic Jewellery by Susie Johns
And finally, Street-Chic Jewellery by Susie Johns (£14.99), I dabble with making bits of jewellery and try to keep things pretty simple but quirky, and there are some brilliant ideas in this book.
Picture 744 Picture 742
These are three of my favourite ideas, which could be mounted and added to the front of a card.
 Picture 743
There are lots of ideas, including making paper beads and beadwork to suit a variety of expertise.  Again a book I will be delving in at regular intervals.
There are many other lovely craft books at some of which I have earmarked like …..
Fleecie DollsBags Bags Bags
Metal Clay MagicWeekend Crafts: Making Cards
Iain has offered a discount of 20% plus free P&P. (Free P&P for UK Residents only) to readers on each of the books I have reviewed (Furoshiki, Rediscovered Treasures and Street Chic Jewellery), just use the code Fiddle at the checkout. The offer ends 1st September 2011 – how brilliant is that?