Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bargains of the Week ….. from Primark

primark jewelled bracelet
Look at the jewels on this little beauty and costing just £3.  The bracelet is made up of 15 sets of bars, each containing three jewels set in a gold metal mount.  My plan is to disassemble it, the bars work out at 20p each and there is no way you could buy embellishments at that price.  I have a few ideas for cards, which I will blog when I have made them up …… but I am also thinking there might be a Christmas idea somewhere here ….. if only I could think of it.......

What’s On My Desk Wednesday

Box of stamps
A lovely lady at work has loaned me a big box of stamps to play with. It’s very, very spooky because out of all the millions of stamps in the world, we had at least 7 of the same design, mostly dandelion clocks.  She even had the stamp I saw at the NEC and had wanted but didn’t have enough money left to buy it ….. which she has now kindly given me.
I am going to sort out the ones that inspire me and have a good play. I like the corset one, very much, and a few wordie ones with lovely sayings, there are also lots of corner stamps which I would never have thought of using, all I can say is watch this space!
Picture 077
I've had these windmill picks for a couple of weeks now and had forgotten to blog them.  They are from the party/barbeque section in Sainsburys.  They cost £1.99 for 8. I am thinking about a tall card, with the windmill in a flowerpot and a couple of leaves on the ‘stem’ ……