Thursday, 2 January 2014

How I Spent The First Day of 2014 ….. Fiddle Farting Per Chance?

Lucy and I ended 2013 by going for an Indian meal just up the road with my Father and Brother-In-Law as we have for the past four/five years. I would say it was 9 noms out of 10….. but for me the best bit will ALWAYS be the poppadums and nibbles at the start of the meal …………. I could eat them forever!
We then came home, I fiddle farted a little bit putting together the first page of my 2014 scrapbook/notebook.

When Lu and I were in Vegas I religiously kept a daily scrapbook diary (above)  …. something I haven’t had a chance to share with you yet …. throughout this year I thought I would try and do something similar ….. not every day, I just don’t have the time, and I don’t lead that exciting sort of life ….. but just days when I do something special or where something catches my fancy.But I digress …….. Then we opened a bottle of Asti while we watched the fireworks (we know how to live!!!), and then both slipped off to bed.
I slept in till 10.00 …. pretty unheard of these days …. I am usually always up with the lark, only to be greeted with yet another very blustery day and yet more rain.
002The house needed tidying (quite desperately)  ….. but instead, I decided to prepare what will be my bathroom mirror for bejewelling ….
bejewelled mirrorjeweled mirror. crafts
It’s not going to be as easy as I first thought because on closer inspection there’s a lot of bevelling and curved surfaces going on which in my excitement of discovering a  “good” find I had not considered ….. but not to be deterred, I masked over the mirror, took it down to the garage and spray painted it white …. so farewell lovely background pattern that I thought would show through any small gaps.
sprayed bejewelled mirrorI needed the sides to be sprayed white as they will be visible when the mirror hung and also the very inside bevel next to the mirror which would have looked odd left with a wood finish …… I might go all round it with flat back gems or pearls (I need thousands of them), or a couple of intact beaded necklaces to save time, perhaps a string of pearls would look good, but they will still need a white background to show through any gaps. I think two coats should do, and while it was all drying I sorted through the “jewels” I have left from previous mirrors!
jewels for bejeweled mirrorIt’s obvious that I am going to need quite a few more …. but I will use what I have first to build up the foundations and then pay a visit to Primark/e-bay/and the local charity shops to see what they have got.
So that was my first day of 2014 ….. riveting,  but at least  I spared you from the little bit of cleaning I did do!!!