Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Chick Lolly Stick Fridge Magnet

For this Easter Chick fridge magnet I used five mini/half sized, plain lolly/craft sticks found in The Works, (£1).
Popsicle Easter Chick Crafts 1I used a square of yellow card to act as a base for the chicks body and then coloured the sticks in with a yellow Sharpie pen.
Lolly Stick Easter Chick 1aLolly Stick Easter Chick 1
I then cut out two feet, two wings and crown of feathers from scraps of orange card, sticking them on the back, with part to show from the front and then hid all the gunge and edges with another yellow square. I also added a square of self adhesive magnetic tape so he would stick to my fridge door.
Easter Chick CraftsFor the face I used two googly eyes and a diamond shape of orange card to make the beak, with eyebrows made lightly with a black Sharpie pen
Popsicle Stick Easter ChickPopsicle Easter Chrick Easter Crafts 3
…….. all done and suitably dusted.