Monday, 1 April 2013

Objects Of Desire

There is a florist up the road from me that always has the most wonderful window displays ….. and when I saw these large bottles/jars with bulbs in …. it was love at first sight ….
Flower Shop CodsallHowever, as I am so rubbish with plants …. they will remain just as they are, as objects of desires.
The Flower Shop Birches Bridge CodsallBut, I could have a go at making something similar to this …. who would think that just a little “fluffy” string round the top of a widen rimmed bottle could look so appealing and effective.
Flower Shop Codsall.….. And the flower on this stubby glass bottle is made from metal, but could so easily made using die cut fabric, card or Tim Holtz Grunge Paper …..
Hanging Bottles Flower Shop Codsall….. and these hanging bottles …… I just adore ….. with a single gerbera, so simple ….. so less is more!