Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nationa VELCRO® Month–Top Fiddle Fart Tips No.9

Ladies and Gentleman …..  may I present my Snowman Container for storing mini marshmallows for snowman soup ….
November 2012 National Velcro MonthThis idea was put together very much on the hoof …. you may have noticed that I have become somewhat manic trying to come up with ideas on how to use VELCRO® …  and so this snowman was put together very quickly while the creative juices were flowing! What I have done is VERY basic but now the idea is in my head it wouldn’t take much to titivate it to give it to a more refined and professional finish!
100ml plastic jarsI have taken two 100ml plastic jars found in a Poundshop …. (6 for £1) .National Velcro Month November…..and to stick the snowman’s head to his body I have used two strips of “Stick On” VELCRO® on either side of the jar lid and bottom (I had wanted to put it in the middle but the bottom of the jar was concave and so too deep for the VELCRO® to reach the jar lid).
Et voila ….. a very daft idea for the children when they are helping you to make Snowman Soup during the festive season!  Ho, ho, ho!!

National VELCRO® Month –Top Fiddle Fart Tips 8 And Some Reminising

As you probably know I love box/shadow frames and finding little treasures to put in them, and while I was sorting through The Dukes bits and pieces I found this Imperial Service medal, unfortunately (as is often the case) I don’t know any of the history of it,  just that it was given to him by his Great Aunt……
National VELCRO Month..…. but it seemed sad that it should be kept in its box, in a drawer, never to see the light of day for years and years, so I decided to frame it.  I was mindful however,  that one day, I in turn, would probably wish to pass it on (in its original box of course) and therefore needed to secure it within the frame using the least number of materials possible in order that its condition was not harmed or its possible value affected.
Velcro Dots National VELCRO MonthSo I decided to use two adhesive VELCRO® ‘Stick On’ circles (one on the ribbon and one on the medal itself) to hold it in place, and they seem to have done the trick.
img032I have also framed a couple of other treasures recently (not using VELCRO® this time), which are now gracing the shelves of my dining room which I am slowly “doing up” ….. for when I am ready to apply to be on ‘Come Dine With Me’ !!!!
Shadow Box TreasuresThe peacock brooch was from Marc, which I strongly suspect is from Butler and Wilson, The tree, also a brooch, was from my mum last Christmas and is from Pia …..  and the Eiffel Tower was one bought back from Paris by The Duke from our very trip abroad together to celebrate not having to help pay any more towards Tom and Lucy's university fees etc.….. he loved Paris soooooo much he couldn’t stop thinking about it when we got back …. so about a fortnight later we went back to do it all again!  What was he like?