Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Starting Iris’s Project Life Album

Project Life. My First CardI remember seeing Becky Higgins Project Life on Create and Craft, and to be honest, it didn’t really twig with me ….
Project Life. Dinosaurs……. and then when Marc came to stay and we saw the boxes in HobbyCraft he was very enthusiastic about it all and I became more curious. 
Project Life 1Well …….  to cut a long story short, and as you can see from the pictures,  I decided to buy an album, page protectors and a couple of core card kits as a first wedding anniversary present for Tom and Laura as it was their paper anniversary.
001But, before I gave it to them I shared out some of the core cards and page protectors with Denise, Iris’s equally proud, significant other Nanny, so she can add to the album too, as and when, like me. 
006My box of cards is now permanently on my desk in my craftroom so that I can just reach over and  “do” one whenever the mood takes me, ……
Project Life 015….. especially after special occasions or visits when my camera is permanently clicking anyway or when a memory suddenly springs to mind.
Project Life 007I also wanted Iris to know all about when her Daddy was a little boy and growing up ……..
Project Life 008Project Life 009
…… and about her Granddad Andy.…..
Project Life 010…… who would have absolutely adored her and been the most wonderful, wonderful, patient Granddad, who would have given her the moon on a stick if she’d asked for it!Project Life 011So Project Life also seemed to be an ideal way of revisiting old photos and telling the stories behind them …..
Project Life 014…….as well as stories of the present.
Project Life.I have always found the idea of filling a whole scrapbook page very daunting, the Project Life cards I have measure 3inx x 4ins and 6ins x 4ins which is just enough for a few words or story and a small photo or two.
Project Life Family TreeHowever, as I have a suitcase of photos in the attic to work my way through and so many happy family occasions in the future I think I have a Project For Life!!!!