Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Do You Have A Penchant For Men In Uniform .... ...???

Louise sent me this link ..... and it NEEDS to be shared!!!

Nom, nom, nom!

Little Angels Christmas Cards

Each of these cards measures 5 x 5 ins and one is made using white linen effect card and the other ivory.
Little Angels Christmas Card 3
I’ve had these resin angels for about 4 years from a QVC sale, every year I’ve got them out and every year they’ve gone back in my Christmas box …in fact I got so fed up with them I gave a lot away.
Angel Squares Christmas Card
However, this year I’ve finally done it and used them! I’ve cut a small square from a snowy blue 12 x 12 paper and mat and layered it on silver/gold.  Then I’ve added an angel and a few doodles using a white gel pen.
Picture 088
They are quite thick, so I am thinking that these are cards I would give personally rather than put in the post.
Little Angels Christmas Card 1
Are you like me, do you have a thing about which way an embellishment faces?  I always look for embellishments that face both ways …. but they are few and far between, it’s just that on some cards it’s nice to have the characters facing one another…. or am I just anal?