Monday, 29 July 2013

Tiny Bird Charm

I have had this tiny weeny frame charm for years, it came from Silver Crow Creations,  a site based in the US which has some really beautiful and unusual items for crafting
Tiny Bird Charm 1Tiny Bird Charm
The charm is so tiny it was hard to know what to do with it, as it measures only 1cm wide x 2cm long …. and then,  out of the blue,  I had an Ulrika ka ka ka type moment …. and I remembered my equally tiny “birds on a branch” stamp …. and wondered if I stamped it,  but only cut out one bird how it would look, there was only one way to find out …..
Picture69Tiny Bird Charm 3
Once cut and in the frame it looked really great ….. then I wondered about making it look a little more “professional” and magical by adding the tiniest sprinkling of Hunky Dory Diamond Sparkles – Angel Whispers and then filling the frame with Ranger Glossy Accents …..
Tiny Bird Charm 4Tiny Bird Charm 5
…. this was where it could all go wrong and all my hard work ruined, but, as you can see,  it worked perfectly ….. and I love it!
Now, ….. the more keen eyed of you will have no doubt noticed that the bird in the finished version (at the top of the post) is facing the opposite way to the one in the other pictures ….. that’s because when I took the final pictures of the demo version I noticed a tiny weeny bubble in the glossy accents …. and being a perfectionist ….. I just had to start again!!!