Monday, 26 March 2012

Ladybird Tags

Wooden Gift Tags made with real branches
I was clearing out some cupboards and I found this box of small branch cut offs left over from when Mr FiddleFart, aka the Duke, made us all pocket sundials a year or so ago.
wooden circles
It seemed such a waste to just throw them away and then it dawned on me that they would make brilliant tags ….
Wooden gardeners Gift tags
So I kept it simple and just added a handwritten sentiment and a wooden ladybird to each circle.  The final part was drilling the hole for the string, this proved a little tougher than I anticipated with my little drill  but I got there in the end.  I am dead chuffed with the result and think these would look great on a present for a gardener or attached to a plant pot.
real wooden tag
But now my dilemma… because I am really trying to use as much stuff as I can this year, collected over years, do I replace what I have used, like the ladybirds … I had to scrabble about for these last few, hence the mix of colours …. do I stop having ideas of a ladybird type nature …. or do I just buy a couple more packets for when another idea springs to mind?????? Aghhh  I just can’t win!!