Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Poundland Christmas Stocking

I wanted to make some Christmas stockings, but when I started looking at material etc. it was going to cost me an arm and a leg as well as take me hours to make ………
stocking 1
However, on one of my many sorties to Poundland, what did I spy, but a stocking with Santa’s face on, which is what I had in mind,  though it did have a horrid plastic pocket sewn to the front, edged with a bright green tape (for a letter to Santa I presume), but I could see the possibilities,  if it didn’t turn out right it was only a pound after all.
stocking 2
The success of my idea depended on whether the pocket could be unpicked easily and without leaving marks.  It did. 
All I needed to do now was to “tart” it up.  I wanted to put a name on it and this was easily done by cutting letters out of felt and adding small red buttons for extra colour.  These were glued on with strong PVA.
stocking 3
Santa’s eyes were printed, so I glue gunned  stud type black buttons over them.  His beard was blinged with the addition of clear flat backed gems to the end of the sewn curls of his beard.  Finally his moustache was a bit naff, so I cut two moustache shapes, glued them together for extra thickness and stuck the new moustache under his nose.
stocking 4
Can I stress that this stocking is for my own use, if you were thinking of using the idea to sell, it would be advisable to sew the embellishments on rather than glue them. I have made it as a decorative item rather than something for a child to play with.