Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Easter Egg Cups

Now I am being extra careful about what crafty bits and pieces I spend my money on, a bargain is only a bargain when I think that I will be able to use everything up in a project and then be able to take the completed idea into work almost straight away.
Easter Eggcups with feet
So when I saw these eggcups with feet on reduced to 50p a box in The Range it was hard to resist, but I realised that any project using them would hinge on the eggs I could find to fit them. My immediate thought was to use cream eggs ….. but trying them in the shop they were just too small and were lost in a cup! But I decided to risk buying four packs of egg cups anyway ….. and for several weeks carried one around in my bag to measure up any eggs I might chance upon!!The Range Easter Egg Cups
I finally found what I was looking for in the form of Marks and Spencer Hide and Seek Chocolate Eggs costing me £2 for 8.
Marks and Spencer Hide and Seek Chocolate Eggs
I was thrilled ….. and when I got home I set about putting them together. First I just glued on the eyes …… then I remembered a pack of clip on bonnets I have had for years and honestly thought I never find a use for.
Craft Clip On Easter Bonnets
……. but they were perfect!
Easter Egg Cups with chocolate eggs
I only had ten hats and sixteen egg cups, but I reckoned that the unhatted eggs would be more suitable for boys ….. so that would be OK, no need to over egg the pudding!!  Eggcellent!

I have now found these egg cups in The Poundshop ..... £1 for a pack!!!!!!!!