Sunday, 9 March 2014

Glittered Spiders

I was rootling about in one of the drawers on my desk when I found four spiders left over from Halloween ……..
Glittered spiders …………….and I just couldn’t resist glittering them!
Glittered spiders 2They each measure about 3ins long, so they are quite substantial and therefore quite striking.  I used ultra fine glitters and PVA glue in a fine tip applicator bottle to glitter them up.
Glittered spiders 3Glittered spiders 4
You can’t tell from the pictures but they really do sparkle and look quite beautiful, in a weird sort of way!
Glittered spiders 5Glittered spiders 6
I can’t think of an immediate use for them, but there’s another nine months to think of something before Halloween comes round again……. but I am thinking they would look good on a gothic shaped mirror ……. with a painted web and perhaps a battery operated candle or two ……… ?????