Tuesday, 2 October 2018

An Object Of Desire – The One That Got Away

I admit, I have “a thing” about mirrors and I have really tried to train myself not to look at them any more as I just do not have a single space in my flat to fit even the tiniest one in.
So imagine how I felt when I spotted this beauty, even Lu said “That looks like a you mum!” – it was love at first sight, but I daren’t even move it to get a closer look, because if I’d have made a physical connection I know I would have been a gonna!  My mind was racing through all the rooms in my flat hoping against hope for an Ulrika moment when I would suddenly realise I actually did have the perfect place for it,  …… alas, it was not to be …………… humoungous sigh!
……. And then, when I got home I had to ignore a niggling thought …… wondering if I could have removed the mirror whether it might have made an eccentric sort of wreath for my front door!?!?!