Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sorry, No Matching Wolf Fleece Jackets!

I wanted to give Marc a treat and so took him to the QVC Outlet shop in Shrewsbury (????????) where we were hoping to find a pair of wolf fleece jackets to wear whenever we are together to cement our relationship!!! Sadly there were no such jackets ……
But when I modelled an animal print jacket for Marc I got more than I bargained for, as I struck a model type pose with my hands jauntily placed in the pockets, I felt something …… it was only someone’s glasses and a tissue ……. which meant that they had worn it out and then returned it!!!! Cheeky B’s!!!!We must have mooched happily for an hour opening mystery boxes and asking what on earth is that for ….. but I am afraid very little was purchased. Marc managed to find, what we think were a pair of very sparkly Swarovski crystal, Kirk’s Folly sun-catchers for £3.99 (reduced by 70%) which he thought, after taking them apart, he could make fifteen pairs of earrings from each catcher, as seen artistically draped round our milkshakes……  we also each found a Silhouette Design CD – Block Party for 99p which was marked up for a retail of £33!
I know the days of finding crafty treasures like ProMarkers and Scrap kits are long since gone and as for the jacket………….. no, I didn’t buy it …… Marc said it wasn’t de rigueur enough!