Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Oh My Life Wednesday!!

My Craftroom 2
This tip used to be my lovely pristine craft room ….. a place for everything and everything in its place!!My Craftroom 3
But, now thanks to the festive season it looks like a bomb has hit it! ........Yes, those are Walkers pickled onion flavour crisps bunged on top of my birdcage, and no, I don't intend to do a craft project with them ..... I don't think???!!!!
My Craftroom 4
I just don’t know where to begin ……
My Craftroom 5
I’ve got to get those mugs in the oven to bake them…… and I need to empty that bin!
My Craftroom 6
And these mice need bagging up ….
My Craftroom 7
Ooooooooooo Christmas …….. BAH BUMBUG!!!

My Birdcages

I was struggling for a post for today, and thought a voyage round my craft room would be a crafty move and it has inspired a couple of questions about some of my treasures.
So for Suzanne …. you have noticed I have a thing about birdcages ….. though it’s hard to see them amongst all the squalor!!
Picture 195
I embarrassed my family when we flew back from Tunisia two years ago  with this birdcage as my hand luggage, I was so determined to bring one back, it’s gradually getting shabbier, which makes it even more beautiful.
Picture 197
This “faux” antique cage came from a craft market in Cardiff last Christmas, it was something daft like £9. Again it was a nightmare to carry through the shops, but I knew if I didn’t get it there and then, I’d never find another one.  The Gaudi lizard was a present from Barcelona from my PE Hockey Team.
Picture 198
And these two cages are night light holders and they came from a local “bargain” warehouse and wouldn’t have cost more than £2.99.
My home is fairly minimalist as I don’t have time to dust and stuff but my craft room is where I put all my finds and treasures, to sort of inspire me.

Cello Bags for Sweetie Bags

The question I have been asked most often in the run up to Christmas is what cello bags I use for my sweetie bags. To be honest my answer has always been a bit wishy washy, as I tend to cut down bags I already have to fit the topper.  But I can understand that to someone just starting crafting this is a really rubbish answer ….. so I am now going to tell you properly …….
The best cello bags for sweetie bags with toppers measure 3 x 5 inches and are available  from the same lady as I get my pretzel bags from, they cost £1.99 for 50 plus £1 P & P – which I reckon is a pretty good price (I also use these bags to put my wish bracelets and other jewellery  in)
Rudolph's Chocolate Treats Favour Candy Bag
I like to put between 50 – 60 grams of good quality sweets in my bags and this size is perfect.  I hope this has helped a little.