Friday, 3 February 2017

My 60’s Genie Bottle Collection

I said a week or so ago that I was intending to put a small collection together of 60’s Genie Bottles in my newly shelved guest bedroom. I had found three for under £2 each in Evesham and one in Wolverhampton, but I think finding them in such quick succession was a bit of a fluke, but in some ways a spooky message to arouse my interest.
Retro 60's genie bottlesEach time I go mooching in town my fingers are crossed but, with a little bit of birthday money this month and my recent stint at the NEC, I have managed to add a few more via e-bay, looking for low starting auctions and setting a rigid limit of £20 on any “buy now” sale. I have also discovered that Etsy occasionally has a few affordable sales too.
Retro Genie Bottles 60'sI love that all the colours vary ever so slightly and very subtly, so no two pieces are actually the same colour.  Though destined for the bedroom, I made the fatal mistake of trying them in the lounge ……… only to discover they were meant to be there!
60's Retro Genie BottlesI think I now have the bug, big time, so I fear they may spread along with my research and knowledge. There are other colours I would love, but I am already learning that they are of a premium, and that’s where they can stay, there’s always the eternal thrill of the chase, and you never know what will might turn up while I am out mooching!