Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sewn Handbag Card

Sewn handbag Card
I really don’t know where to start with this card, it’s a one off and was made to order for my sister in law, the brief was:-  pink, bag, girlie, her name and charms would be nice!
andys nokia 098
At the widest point the card measures 8.5 ins and is 7.5 ins tall including the handles.
Handbag Card
I made the bag shape first, scoring it three times down the middle so that it would stand up.
Handbag Card 1
After this, I made two copies of the bag panels, drawing lines on the one side of each and sticking pink Brazill paper on the other. Then, with the lined side facing upwards I machine sewed along all the lines (I hope that makes sense).  When this was done I stuck both panels onto the sides of the card blank.  This gave the card weight and texture (plus a lot of fiddle fart for me!)
Handbag Card 3
I made double sided handles for the bag and machine sewed them together round the edges ….
Handbag Card 4
….. and stuck them on the inside of the card, covering the ends with another panel shaped piece of paper….
Handbag Card 6
……. I’ve then used self adhesive Velcro dots as fasteners to keep the bag together when standing up.
Handbag Card 7
The finishing touches were made by adding  the name “Jess” and some silver charms.
Handbag Card 8
Then, goodness knows what possessed me, I made a wallet to go inside the bag to put some birthday money in, which stays in position with the aid of another Velcro dot.
Handbag Card 5
An awful lot of fiddle fart for one card …….
Handbag Card 10
……….which is why I said at the beginning it was a one off!
Handbag Card 9