Wednesday, 27 May 2020

A Visit To The Oxfam Superstore in Oxford

A while back, as a belated birthday treat Lu booked us a weekend in Oxford with the Oxfam Superstore as part of our itinerary.
Would it be awful to say we were a little disappointed?
It was beautifully set out, organised, clean and tidy, but it did nothing for us, perhaps it was the atmosphere which was so totally different from the usual high street shop we’re used to.
I'll be honest, you can’t beat the feeling of excitement as you have a really good mooch along a cluttered shelf of tut or through that mysterious box of bits on the floor, looking for that goodness knows what, that gives you a charity shop rush! I found the children’s section particularly disappointing, just the wrong day perhaps, but to be honest the charity shops of Evesham have more to offer.  Iris is developing quite an individual style, so I had hoped I might find an colourful tutu skirt, or something sequined, embroidered or multicoloured.
I was however taken by these two teapots, they were quite cute and dinky and at £3.99 each not a bad buy, but I have more than enough various sized pots in my Royal Doulton Minden collection,  so they remained where they were for another moocher to fizzle over!
I also rather liked this set of drawers, I can’t remember the price, but it must have been really reasonable for me to take a picture, perhaps £30?  It was heavy, solid and built to last, unlike the flat packs you buy from Ikea, if I have the space, it would have been a no brainer.
I quite liked this jug to, but alas again have no place to put it.
I did however make one considered purchase for 99p, something I had seen and really wanted a similar one in a posh shop while on my travels, but had balked at the price at something like £12, so I grabbed this one straight away and have been using it ever since.  I am afraid Lu left empty handed.

I think we both decided then that our very favourite rummage day out from now on has got to be the Flea Market at the County Showground in Malvern, with every stall being an absolute treasure trove of tut. Lu tends to look for cocktail bits and pieces for her kitchen shelf, whereas I like to look for religious kitsch, retro mirrors and vases in the shape of hands  ………
Lu is very good at talking herself out of something, she really fell in love with an Orville the Duck money box as it bought back memories of childhood and it being so crap it made her laugh, but despite much errring and ahhhing her purse remained resolutely unzipped and she has regretted it ever since!  When this flipping lockdown is over and we can go out and mooch in safety once again, I have promised myself that if we see another one, it will be hers, no arguments!!!!