Saturday, 22 December 2012

…… Forget All The Top Crafters and DT Designers ….. They Will All Pale Into Insignificance Once You’ve Seen This ……

The most anticipated and cherished Christmas gift in all the world has finally arrived …… this is what my mum was presented with by the coach guides when my multiply disabled brother Stephen arrived home on Thursday.  I could fiddle about ‘till kingdom come, using the very best and latest materials,  but I could NEVER make anything as beautiful as this ….
SAMSUNG            Stephen was 50 in November … and my mum at 79 still cares for him at home, so we cannot thank the staff at his centre enough for the love, care and respite they give her and Stephen during the year.SAMSUNG            We know that Stephen probably only sat at the table and hummed as he watched the staff put his Christmas tree together for him.  They may have put a paint brush in his hand,  but he’d have just chucked it, as he does with everything you hand him (except for his cups of tea and chocolate buttons!!!!! ) ….. but as I said above, we can NEVER thank these wonderful people enough for working with him and making our Christmas so special with this irreplaceable gift …… they really are unsung heroes!

Christmas Snowflake Penny Bags

These are the other “Penny Bags” I made for the school Choir …. again using Christmas tree decorations from Poundland, bought for half price, working at 5p each I think.
Snowflake Penny BagWhenever I go shopping and see a “bargain” or a something that’s bit different, I will always stand a while and think about “what else” I can do with it. By just adding a little extra sparkle, no matter how simple, something ordinary can be turned into something that looks extra special.