Sunday, 13 March 2011

Framed Primark Roses …. But Which Is Best?

Do you remember these large rose bracelets I got in Primark a few weeks ago? They are very much on trend and roses like this are appearing everywhere. They remind me so much of my Gran.
….. Well,  I went into a local charity shop and found just what I was looking for to use them with, a deep set picture frame for just £1.95.  I removed the paper rose and background paper that were already in it, and started to play.
Primark large rose bracelet Primark pink roses bracelet
But now I can’t decide which idea I like best, so I’d better start scouring the charity shops again for another frame so I can make both.
I think the frame might benefit from a bit of shabby chic paint work, but I need to do some research on   how to do it, then when I’ve done that I’ll post the idea again, finished I hope.