Friday, 17 January 2014

Wonderful, Wonderful Times With Marc–Ranger Melting Pot And Whole Port Mould.

Like all of Marc's and my Melting Pot experiments during my in October, we just didn’t know what to expect, especially this last one.  I had asked for this mould in my last parcel from WholePort  …….
WholePort Fondant and Gum Paste silicone Resin Clay Molds…… thinking I could use it with Fimo, but at the last minute I put it in my suitcase thinking we could also try using UTEE in it.
We started by using a adding white pigment to the clear UTEE and then adding a bit of green, but after adding two lots of green it still looked too pale and as Marc and I were tiring, so we thought what the heck, we’re only playing, lets just use it as it is!
Ranger Melting Pot. WholePort Mould
You’ll notice, I didn’t pour too carefully! All we had to do then was wait for it all to cool and set, which doesn’t take long at all. I wasn’t impressed when the bits came out of the mould, my dodgy pouring didn’t help I know, but I don’t think the mould liked the hot UTEE too much, as it seemed to expand a little round the edges, so it must have done at the bottom as well, as a result the  impressions were not as sharp as I would have liked, (but it was meant for fondant paste after all), the pale and pasty colour also failed to impress!!
Ranger melting Pot mould experimentHowever, Marc is not one to give up lightly and knows so much more about finishing and finishing products than I do …. perfect pearls are a mystery to me!!! But, he got out his Copper Cosmic Shimmer and rubbed and buffed like there was tomorrow, to startling results,  which reminded me of ancient artefacts.  What I would have binned, Marc brought to life!
Ranger Melting Pot heart on branch experimentI am not sure what I am going to do with these new “treasures” yet, but I did do this doodle while we were admiring the bits and pieces we had produced ….. I am thinking of using a small box frame, and inside the branch and a heart pendant I have got somewhere hanging from it …… so now I need to find that heart and once more as you to watch this space!!!!