Monday, 27 February 2017

Bird Silhouette Domino Tag/Decoration.

This project uses a 7cm x 3.5cms children's picture domino as it’s base and was very much a FiddleFart experiment.
Domino Craft Domino Bird TagI covered the picture side of the domino with a scrap of handwriting print paper. The bird is a metal embellishment from my trip of a lifetime to Michael's in Las Vegas.  I had to trim the leaves and branch the tiniest, tiniest bit to make it fit across the domino.   By flooding the area with two separate thick layers of gel, so much no touching restraint required, I hoped that the bird would blend in and look embedded in the gloss, a bit like an old tile. Once the gel had hardened I covered the sides with gold (though it looks silver in the pictures)  Inkssentials Memory Foil (possibly no longer available in UK)  and smoothed down with a crease mouse.
Domino Crafts Bird TagI screwed a tiny gold eye hook in the top of the “domino”, using a black jewellery wire and  a large silver bead to make the hanger.  When it was “finished”, there was something missing, but I knew whatever I added had be subtle and not detract from the less is more, peace of the bird ……. (hark at me), in the end I used three very small, cream, gold edged nail art studs I bought online, which were just perfect.