Friday, 17 March 2017

Felt Flower Hairclips

Two hairclips for a certain little Madam today.
felt daisy hair clips 90The self adhesive felt flowers came from The Works, I had assumed, wrongly, that there would be at least two flowers the same in a pack of eight, (£1)…..
The Works Felt Flowers
…… so that I could make a matching pair of clips, alas, there wasn’t, so a return journey to the shop had to be made.
felt daisy hair clipsI stuck the felt flowers onto some self adhesive fabric, however cutting round the flower with the fabric was fiddly and time consuming ……..
IMG_1545……. so I have to work out another way  if I can, to stop my scissors getting all gummed up while cutting.
felt daisy hair clips 2However the backs do look much better (professional!!!!!!) when covered.
felt daisy hair clips 6I glued the flowers onto the clips using E6000 as I wanted to be certain that they wouldn’t fall apart during wear.
I was in two minds as to whether or not to add a button or two to the centre of the flower, but in the end decided that they added a little something else, no less is more approach as far as Iris’s coiffure in concerned!!