Friday, 21 December 2012

Santa Penny Bags

Santa's Penny Bags.I’ve only made two lots of sweet bags this year,  both for my Music Dept. as a “Thank You” to the choir who are always very busy at this time of year.
Poundworld Xmas SantasI tied Poundshop Santa Christmas tree decorations round the tops of cello bags that I had filled with an assortment of Christmas money and santas, lollies and chews.  I got the Santas in the Poundshop sale last year for 50p a pack, purchasing all they had left, knowing that they would probably come in useful for this year.  I notice that they are still available this year, but at full price!
Santa's Penny BagNot a lot of work I know, but I priced them at costing me 60p each to put together, you couldn’t buy a chocolate bar for that! Hopefully,  for a just a little effort the girls will go home feeling that they have been given something a bit different in appreciation for all their hard work.