Thursday, 4 February 2010

Deck of Cards Valentine

The idea for this card came from an advert I saw for an internet gambling site!

Deck of Cards 1

There’s nothing to it really.  The card measures 5 x 5 ins square. The two of hearts is backed on double sided foam pads to make it stand a little proud of the ace card.
Deck of Cards 2

If I made the card again and was nit picking, I need to move the “I” a little nearer to the heart.

I have used regular sized cards for this project ….. , now I am wondering what it would look like if I used mini cards … wait for me ……….

I’m back, this is what I came up with using mini playing cards.  I really must put a ruler or something by some of my projects so that you can gauge the size.

small cards

Again the card is 5 x 5ins.  I’ve had the backing paper for years so can’t remember where it came from, sorry. The smaller cards are not as good quality as the large ones, and have a greyish appearance and rough texture, but it’s worked out OK, I think.