Monday, 23 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts The Queen’s Handbag - using first4magnets

Diamond Jubilee Crafts
As you know a while back I was contacted by Jonathan at first4magnets to try out some of his products and in my review I remarked that I thought that the round flat magnets would make good clasps on something like handbag favours….. because in the past I have used Velcro which tends to pull at the paper….
…. And with the Diamond Jubilee fast approaching I thought that making “the Queens’s Handbag” would be an apt idea, but please this is just a “prototype” to see if the idea works, so you’ll have to excuse any globules of glue that you can see.
Diamond Jubilee Crafts The Queen's handbag.
I’ve cut a strip of Bazzill card – 5cms x 14cms, and then scored it at across 2cms, 5cms, 2cms and 5cms to make the bag.
I have then stuck one of Jonathans 6mm magnets at each end of the inside of the handbag.  I will admit to having trouble sorting out the poles, and should have read the instructions on first4magnets website first as my magnets always seemed to repel!!! But as I thought, when opening the flap on the bag there is no tugging and so the paper doesn’t get damaged.
Diamond Jubilee Crafts The Queen's handbag favour
I’ve decorated the bag with a small Union Jack cut from a paper chain (available from most Cancer Research Charity Shops), a die cut crown and red ribbon handle. Inside I have put four of my Jubilee decorated Cadbury miniature chocolates
These would be lovely as table favours at a Jubilee Party, but because of the magnets would not be suitable for small children.