Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ghostly Halloween Lollies

Oh my life, this seemed such a simple but effective idea when I found it on Google But making cute ghost lollies is definitely NOT my forte!!! I seem to have turned them into the stuff of nightmares!!!!! These are just too spooky and would probably traumatise any little Trick or Treaters, who may happen upon my doorstep, for life ......
Picture 149 Picture 151
A ghost without a mouth isn’t quite right….. I think the eyes are too big. But add a mouth, and it takes on a terrifying persona.
Picture 146 Halloween Lollipop ghost 1
I’ve used little Chupa Chups lollies ….. they are so cute, well ……. they were cute until I got hold of them! If I give these out at Halloween I’ll be branded as "The streets’ resident lady of evil” and given a wide berth in the Post Office and Chip Shop!  Back to the drawing board........
This was the look I was going for!