Monday, 12 November 2018

Jewelled Snowflake Door Wreath

Sometimes I need saving from myself ……..
jewelled snowflake wreath 5
….. and this idea was one of those times!  I knew I wanted something spectacular for my front door this Christmas, but I got a little carried away and in the end I had to say enough is enough, there is only so much encrustment of jewels this poor snowflake can take!
I knew I wanted a snowflake theme and had saved ideas from Pinterest but it wasn’t until I spotted this large, silver glitter snowflake for just £1.49 in B M Bargains that the light bulb finally went on.
But, as I was walking home carrying it I started to kick myself for going for the silver option (white, red and gold also available) as I had already previously purchased a box of smaller gold snowflakes above …….. however by the time I got back to The Towers I had convinced myself that an all silver decoration might be a little bland ….. if terribly tasteful.
  Snowflake door wreath Christmas
To truly put my mind at rest I needed to play and that’s when I got possessed by all that sparkles! 

The gold snowflakes indeed looked good against the silver, as did the crystal one in the centre, all glued with E6000 as this was a project that really needed to be well stuck together ……..

…… but  I then remembered the plastic iridescent and glittered snowflakes I have had forever, cut from an old garland found in a charity shop that have so nearly been binned for lack of inspiration. 
jewelled snowflake wreath 1jewelled snowflake wreath 3
At this stage I knew I needed to stop and come back to the project a little later because I was fast becoming overtaken by the thought of looking at my broken jewellery box and realising just how over the top this snowflake become.
jewelled snowflake wreath 7
On returning to the wreath I only added pieces from a clear glass bracelet, I had enough to keep the design symetrical and even but with that I added more pearls and clear flat back gems and a smattering of smaller green and turquoise gems too.
snowflake wreath 2snowflake wreath 4
If I were to do it again I think the coloured gems could have been a little larger.
jewelled snowflake wreath 8
The pictures don’t really do the twinkle and sparkle the wreath gives off justice.I think the wreath is finished, but, if I could just find that elusive little gold embellishment that could possibly add something extra  to reflect the gold in the snowflakes  hmmmmmmmnmnm who knows, I could be working on it again before it eventually goes up.