Thursday, 26 January 2012

Guest Blogger – My Daughter Lucy

My daughter Lucy made me and others in the family some beautiful cross stitch and embroidered presents this Christmas and so I thought I would use a bit of nepotism and make her my Guest Crafter for today …..
cross stitch initial H
I just do not have any patience with sewing, especially cross stitch and embroidery, to be honest my eyes are rubbish and I can barely thread a needle without my tongue hanging out and going cross eyed …..
crosstitch birds
….. and then if I get any further all my crisp material and threads start to look grubby and crumpled within seconds!
cross stitch bird
But as you can see Lucy doesn’t share any of my foibles!
crossstitch notebook
Even her gift tags were cross stitched.
cross stitch tag
She treated herself to this book on doodle stitching by Aimee Ray and some of the stuff she has done already is just beautiful, I am so jealous!
Doodle Stitching
Ribbon rosettes
…. And I almost forgot these ribbon corsages!