Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stamped Butterfly Cards

Picture 002
The stamp used in this card is part of a set from Stampin’ Up called Fresh Cuts (£18.95) bought for me by my daughter, for my birthday.
Picture 007
I printed it onto a cream patterned paper, and then rubbed a brown blending chalk over it, followed by Stampin’ Up  dazzling diamonds glitter for a bit of texture and sparkle. I wasn’t sure how the glitter would come out,  it could have been the combination of the black ink and the glue pen, but instead of drying clear, it came out a blue/teal colour which added extra colour I hadn’t expected.
Picture 009
I was so pleased with the effect and how easy the stamp was to use I experimented a bit more …..
Picture 013
You may recognise that the butterfly is from the Primark necklace I bought a couple of weeks ago.
Picture 014
For more details of the stamp set, click onto the Stampin’ Up link in the side bar.
Picture 016
I think my favourite is the first one, on olive green card.
Picture 018
I added a few bronze stars to this card – not sure if I really need them.
If I put all the cards together in a box it would make a lovely notelet gift set.