Friday, 6 January 2012

And …. My Guest Crafter Today Is …… Marc, Back By Popular Demand!

Christmas bought me an unbelievable parcel from Marc containing so many crafted goodies that I just had to share them with you, he is just too talented for words  …..
 Beaded pins
I don’t think I will ever be able to use any of these pins …. attached to a lavender filled cushion, they not only looked beautiful, they smelt wonderful too!
Decorated beaded pins
Hand blown glass pendants
Can you believe Marc also “blew” these pendants on a visit to Venice with the assistance of a … and I quote “a very sweaty, good looking, topless Italian man who was to die for” ??!!!
sea glass pendants
Marc also, like me, loves sea glass and made me these pendants, which I wear in turns on a plain leather thong.
Gingerbreadman shaker pots And can you imagine the girlie squeals I emitted when I saw these …… 
Gongerbread man Cabouchons
…… and these? All hand painted, my very favourite present of all!  I just wouldn’t have the patience!  I have filled the pots with my Dazzling Diamonds micro glitter, so much more magical than a plastic pot!
Gingerbread Man Brooch
And the cabochons? I have made into small brooches to give to special people and share the love. Mine is on my jacket collar.
Ranger Glossy Accents
Just how do you say thank you for a parcel containing these and other such beautiful and thoughtful gifts? xxxx THANK YOU xxxx