Monday, 10 February 2014

Quick Valentine’s Treat/Favour Bags

I have to admit to being very disappointed by the lack of “romantic” sweets available in the shops for this Valentines Day!
valentine treat bags
All I managed to get together were mini Love Hearts (£1) and some “cheap” chocolate hearts from Discount UK (99p) and a couple of nets of chocolate lips from Tesco, also £1 ……. nets of the incredibly cute Tesco ladybirds and Thornton's “love rock” seem to be a thing of the past ….. but you would have thought I would have found a few inexpensive heart shaped lollies at least!
I did have these hearts (above) that I bought back from Las Vegas from a shop called LICK, but they were pretty awful, so I just added them to my bags as confetti.
To be honest, I made them all very quickly, just as a little token gift for my friends at work, with a speedy, punched, handwritten tag. There’s not a lot of finesse to them ….. just cheap and cheerful, so everyone at least got one “Valentine”, even if it was from me!!!