Sunday, 27 December 2009

Desert Island Crafts – Part 3

Introducing my faithful cutters, I do have a couple of others but they are not a patch on these!  I have a large and small Xcut and a Dhale Trimmer.
The Dhale is my favourite for getting a perfect edge for mat and layering.  This is my second model, I had my first for about 12 years and I was gutted when it finally went blunt and fell to bits.  Locating a new one was difficult so goodness knows what I will do if it ever packs in, but I don’t care what it costs because it is the best!
I cut all my card blanks on the large Xcut – I use it every single day.  Its strong and accurate, perhaps a bit cumbersome to lift from the floor to my desk when I am working, but I couldn’t be without it.
I use the smaller Xcut for cutting smaller pieces of card and paper to size, its marked out in small squares so I am able to cut with pretty good accuracy.