Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Halloween Lollipop Holders

I have never made lollipop holders before, but I had a few lollies left over from my Halloween boxes  and I didn’t want them to go to waste ……. so I got to thinking ……
So ……. for the cover I took a strip of purple card 6cms wide and then scored it on my scoreboard at 6cms, 1cm and 6cm intervals
…… then punched two holes holding both sides together so that they matched, to thread a ribbon through……..
……. followed by a bit of doodling, using a black fine liner and white gel pen.
Then out came my trusty old Stampin’Up punches and some Halloween stickers left over from last year……..
……. to decorate the front and the back of the holder.
All that was left to do then was to thread through short length of ribbon and tie a bow, which also helps keep the lollies in place,
Front and back view ……
Now I have worked out how to make a simple template I am thinking this is an idea that will also work for Christmas to make little stocking fillers ….. O wonder if I could do the same for chocolate spoons?