Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Tree Place Settings

This isn’t my idea, it was Martha Stewart’s, but I’ve always loved it, so thought I would give it a try this year as I have a wonderful “real” silver Christmas tree in my garden
Mini Christmas tree place settingsMy father in law has cut me lots and lots of little branch slices for tags and other festive ideas that might pop in my head over the next few months.  I simply drilled a hole in the middle with my modellers drill and then just stuck in the end of a Christmas tree branch that I had sprayed with glue and sprinkled liberally with translucent micro glitter
mini christmas tree Christmas place settingI was then tempted to over egg the pudding by adding sequins and beads, but then controlled myself, less should be more …..
mini christmas tree decoration. place setting…… and these, I thought, had the “cute” factor ….. I shouldn’t turn them into brash and gaudy for my festive table …… that’s not my style …… LOL!!!!
Mini Christmas Tree Place setting using real fir branchesSo in the end I just added a tasteful wooden star (stuck on with a glue gun)
Obviously Christmas is a little away ahead still ….. but I am curious to see how long these little trees keep their needles so that I can work out how far in advance of a special meal I could make them.