Monday, 23 April 2018

Scrapbooking With Michelle Jackson Mugford at Crafters Companion, Evesham

Another apology from me, this time for only just posting Marc’s and my day scrapbooking at Crafters Companion, Evesham with Michelle Jackson-Mugford, blame three busy weekend on the trot!
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The day started off a little fraught for Michelle as she got stuck in traffic on her journey down, hardly able to move for hours, finally arriving, poor lady, four hours late, but despite that we had a BRILLIANT day, the staff of Crafters Companion were so hospitable and Michelle a real trooper.
Michelle gave us a choice of one of her scrapbooking kits, accompanied by a detailed instruction sheet to get us started on the background for our page and then, using the smaller embellishment elements we were left to soar!
The kit Marc and I choose had a sort of potting shed/garden theme, so I am glad I took, among others, a picture of Bertie in his rabbit ears …… which made me think of Peter Rabbit.
You will notice, as per usual, that all but Marc’s hands managed to evade any attention from the camera!
I tell you what, working on a 12ins x 12ins sheet is a world away from a 5ins x 5ins card …….
……… and I seemed to fiddle fart forever before committing to any sort of gluing.
It was also tempting to use everything we were given, but I managed to restrain myself.
The page is now safely put away, it still needs a title somewhere near the top …… I was thinking something along the lines of “…… Little Bertie Rabbit had a fly upon his ear, so he flipped it and he flopped it and the fly flew away ……” – I just need to find a suitable background paper to write/put it on …. and then I might put it in a frame to go in his bedroom to embarrass him when he is 18!
Thank you to Michelle for taking me out of my crafty comfort zone, and the elusive Marc, whose idea it was and treating me to a wonderful day.  Hopefully we will now keep an eye out on other workshops going on at Crafters Companion and who knows, do a few more in the future.