Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Wonderful, Wonderful Times With Marc –Ranger Melting Pot - Movember Moustaches

Last time I stayed with Marc we “just” dabbled with his Ranger Melting Pot, but on this visit we really got down to business! It also really helped as the said Melting Pot was Pick of the Day on Create and Craft and Ideal World while I was down, which meant that we were able to follow (and record) all the demonstrations as we worked.
Movember Moustache Pins. Ranger melting PotMy mission was to make moustache brooches/pins for the ladies to help support Movember 2013 and the gentlemen at work who are taking part, and for that reason I was thrilled to find a moustache ice cube tray in Poundland to use as a mould.
Ranger Melting Pot Movember MoustachesSo Marc and I melted a good lot of clear UTEE adding black pigment powder to it and were then ready to rock and roll,  however calculating the right amount of UTEE for each moustache proved harder than I first anticipated. The mould was really too deep, as it intended for ice cubes and also as it was black,  it was hard to see the level of the UTEE as I poured.  The first four trays of moustaches all went back into the melting pot as they were far too thick/deep, but Marc and I persevered and with a change in the angle of light and counting quickly to three (???) as I poured a production line of moustaches was finally established, with very satisfying results.
Ranger Melting Pot Movember Moustaches.With a neat pile of about thirty moustaches completed I was quite happy to leave them as they were and just add a pin back to them, however admittedly some of the finished results were not as smooth as others and that was when Marc got out his mahoooosive box of glitters and the said moustaches took on a whole new vibrant look!  And oh my life Marc must have every ultra fine glitter colour that has ever been invented!!!
Ranger melt Pot. moustacheWe applied a even coating of Anita’s PVA Tacky Glue and then the glitter, and that’s also when I learnt that Marc is always right about colour,  the colours that Marc suggested and I turned my nose up at were the colours that always “popped” ….. but Marc, I still don’t  do copper tones!!!!!
Movember Moustaches Ranger Melting PotNow home, some of the moustaches have shed a little glitter and need a “touch up”, and the beauty of using PVA glue is that if I don’t have a similar glitter colour all I need to do is soak the moustache in water and start again! With shedding in mind I have also decided that once I have done all the touching up I will add a coat of Ranger Glossy Accent to seal the glitter in properly.
When I am completely happy with all the results I will add the pin backs and then work on a packaging idea to make them look “professional” enough to  take them into work to hopefully sell and help bolster Movember funds, so watch this space for an update!