Monday, 31 March 2014

Cadbury Miniature Bunny Chocolates

These chocolates are just a daft idea made for fun, perhaps a case of over egging (or bunnyising) a Cadbury miniature!!!!
Cadbury Miniature Easter Chocolates
All I’ve done is cover a few Cadbury miniatures to make them look a bit more Eastery ….
…… using a wrapper as a template,  I have cut new ones using scraps from Boofle  6 x 6 papers.
Cadbury Miniature Easter Chocolates.png1Cadbury Miniature Easter Chocolates.png2
There’s a bit of an art to unwrapping the chocolates without damaging the foil …. but I got there in the end. I then “rolled” the chocolate in a new wrapper, sealing it with double sided tape at the end.
Cadbury Miniature Easter Chocolates.png4Cadbury Miniature Easter Chocolates.png6
The final touch is a little doodled grass before adding the Easter bunny, done and dusted!