Monday, 4 December 2017

It’s That Time Of Year Again ............

I have to admit that I have been really mithering about my lack of crafting over the past four months (too many weekends away and having fun), which has led to a sad lack of posts for this December,  but then Marc had the brilliant idea of reposting projects of Christmas's past, ideas that could still be repeated and/or revised accordingly for this year and the future, as well as being  a bit of a blast from the past from the days when I first started blogging ………. so, that’s what I am going to do ...... posting every few days for this month at least, interspersed with a bits and pieces from this year on  most probably on a Monday and Tuesday  …………
So today ……..  I bring you …… my 2017 festive wardrobe ……..
I have done Christmas jumpers to death, although I am not really a “jumper person”, as a woman of a certain age they do tend to make me rather hot after a while, however I do wear a lot of swing tops, so imagine how chuffed I was to see festive ones start appearing in the shops and online this year, as they are just perfect. The one above, for which I really splashed out is my “best” top from Yours …… and will be worn on the big day itself and on “occasions”!
The other three are to wear on my Iris and Bertie days, found on eBay for silly money. The red and blue snowmen ones were just £4.95 each plus £1.99 p & p
…… and the Santa one was £3.50 plus £2.99 p & p. Well, they were no brainers, it would have been rude not to make a few considered purchases and at least I don’t have to worry about what to wear every day in December!!!