Sunday, 8 January 2012

Decopatched Jugs

Decopatch Jugs 002
I am really trying to keep my New Years resolution of spending a lot less and working my way through all the stuff in my craft room cupboards and drawers instead!
Decopatch jug
So ….. I’ve had these large metal jugs, which stand about 8ins tall for about two years now, I found them in a sale and think I got them for no more than £1.50 each, but never knew quite what to do with them …. however inspired by some Christmas reading I decided throw caution to the wind and Decopatch them to an inch of their lives using all my little bits …..
Decopatch Jugs 006
…….. plus one of two watering cans I also have.  At first I applied several coats of clear mat varnish, but in the end I decided I prefer a glossy finish so applied a few more coats.  I am sooooo chuffed with the results!