Friday, 7 June 2013

Fimo Tags

I love the idea of making simple clay tags, and I’ve got a bit bored of doing my usual altered wooden domino ones now, they are “sooooo last year” !!!!   I have found some lovely air dried/baked clay ones on Google when I haven’t been able to  sleep, but wondered just how simple they really are to make ……
fimo tagsSo I got out the Fimo I have had at the back of a cupboard for more years than I care to remember, a heart shaped cooker cutter, a old ink roller, and a small docraft “Me to You” sentiment stamp.
fimo tags.1
OMG, I know this first effort is very basic,  but it was so simple and sooooo satisfying, and think I am about to become seriously addicted ….. I have already ordered some Das, as I prefer the clean cut, white effect and some bakers twine to go with it ….. with Christmas in mind ….. SORRY, I know, I know, but it’s all too exciting!!!!