Thursday, 10 October 2019

Heads Up - Small Dolls For Crafting?

Just a heads up today featuring some tiny little dolls I found on Amazon that am particularly chuffed with. As soon as I saw them I thought they would be so cute for simple Christmas makes including putting one or two together in a shadow box/frame, with a suitably festive background scene.  Whether I will get round to it this year I don't know, but I think they're an "interesting" find/addition to my craft stash. 
They cost just £1.69 for 5 dolls, plus 50p P & P (from China), which works out at approx. 44p each, and unbelievably they arrived within 13 days of my ordering them when, to be honest, I wasn't expecting them for a month or so.
They came with a cell phone cord attachment embedded in their heads (painful) but these were very easily removed as their hats are only attached at the back.  I think when I eventually come to craft with them I will glue said hats completely to their heads using  PVA, to make sure they don't come off in the passage of time.
Obviously I can't/won't recommend them as toys ........
........ but thinking of Christmas crafting I can already see them in a diorama .......
........ inside a bauble or stuck on a decorated wooden shape to hang on the tree ........ we shall see.  

I am also waiting for some tiny teddy bears (e-bay) that I am hoping will fit in a matchbox,  as another Christmas tree decoration or present tag.