Monday, 22 April 2019

Random Letter Birthday Card

This card measure 7inx x 5ins and uses a hand cut, grey linen effect card blank.
I apologise as you have most probably seen this type of card quite a few times now, each one slightly different but with the same basic idea of using random letters from a variety of alphabet sticker packs and embellishments.  This particular card was made for my upstairs neighbour whose flat makes me smile as it is so masculine in all it’s black and grey d├ęcor …..  which is why I made a card with a grey background.
I need to think of some other sentiments to put on similar cards because one day I am going to run out of some of the more repetitive letters such as P, Y and H.
Most alphabet sets include for extra vowels, but if I could find a source of just plain wooden vowels that I could then colour in to suit, that would be heaven. However, I can now hear Marc nagging me, saying I could cut them out on my Scan And Cut and I could!  I am still a little nervous of the machine, but there’s a project we could definitely work on together when he stays with me next to bolster up my confidence. Now I think he has some thick, grey modelling card that would be perfect, I must ask him to pop a few sheets in his case and then we’d be off and running.