Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Object of Desire ………

If I actually had a space for this Mary who knows ………… at £120  she was a steal at Georgian House Antiques in Evesham. I think she was as tall as me (a shrinking 5ft 2ins)
Goodness knows what my kids would say, what with all my other religious bits and pieces scattered everywhere ……. blame my strict Catholic upbringing and a middle name of Mary! Sadly on this occasion all I could do was give her a longing stroke.
I know Rick, Marc’s partner would have absolutely loved it ……. he has a huge wooden Mary from church salvage, I think, in the hall of his flat which I oooooed and ahhhed embarrassingly at when I saw it.  Can you imagine my “new” millionaires home if I ever won the lottery ….. saints preserve us!